A few years ago, I was exactly where you are now. Give me 100 days. I can't wait to watch what you create in your life. I distinctly remember telling my ex that I didn't want to get divorced because I was afraid to be alone. He responded with 7 words that completely changed my life...

"Don't you get it? You're already alone!"

I'm not going to lie. Those words were incredibly painful to hear, but since you're checking out my website, I'm guessing you know exactly how it feels to be rejected by the person who was supposed to love you forever.
My heart was broken and my self-esteem was shattered. I was overweight and frustrated by how I looked. My primary goal was to make it through each day without breaking down.
I decided to hire a coach to help me, and that was the best decision I ever made. Through coaching, I lost 30 pounds and I healed my heart.
That's exactly why I do this work. Because I want to help you get your revenge.
However, the best revenge is not about your ex. The best revenge is a life well lived.

Are you ready?

You Think Food Is The Answer

I've been there before.

I didn't know how to cope with the pain of my marriage, so I turned to food.

When I was sad...I ate. When I was angry...I ate. When I felt hopeless...I ate.

By the time I got divorced, I was incredibly overweight.

I spent a lot of time thinking about my ex and the pain he put me through.

You Think You Know What The Problem Is

In my mind, if only he had been different, I wouldn't have been so unhappy.

I thought, if only he had loved me, I wouldn't have turned to food.

The truth is, no one can make us turn to food.

I decided to do that all on my own.

I thought I was numbing the pain of a husband who didn't love me, but in reality, I was numbing the pain caused by me not loving myself.

This Is Your Current Reality

When you're married to someone who constantly tears you down, it becomes harder and harder to see the good within yourself.

You start believing the lies.

As you fight to keep your marriage together, another piece of your self-worth dies each day.

You're hurting, so you turn to the one thing that consistently takes away your pain...food.

This Is How You Break Free

In order to lose weight, you have to find a way to be happy again.

It's easy to think that the only way for you to be happy is for your ex to be unhappy.

The truth is, your happiness has nothing to do with your ex.

WHAT?! Yes, it really is true.

You can be happy regardless of what your ex does.

This is the secret! This is how you lose weight.

Once you kick your ex out of your heart, you'll no longer feel the need to numb your pain with food

Revenge Body. Revenge Life.™

This program will change your life.

This process isn't always easy, but lucky for you, I know exactly how to help you.

Don’t waste another minute searching for the magic diet that is going to “fix” your weight. That magic diet doesn’t exist.

What does exist is a way to change your relationship with food. I'll teach you how to decrease your overhunger and overdesire for food...all without extreme dieting, counting macros, or excessive exercise.

Don't let anything hold you back.

Divorce and separation are hard...and you do have to work through pain.

However, you don't have to stay stuck in the river of misery forever. You can heal.

If you're ready to move forward and break your addiction to your ex, I can help you.

I'll teach you how to get your revenge body and revenge life...and feel so good that you never want your ex again!

Here is what you get with Revenge Body. Revenge Life.™

100 Days Will Change Your Life!

  • 10 one-on-one private coaching sessions.
  • 2 bonus calls that you can use at any point during the 100 days when you need additional support.
  • An on-demand video library focused on topics related to weight loss and emotional healing.
  • Twice daily virtual accountability to connect and review your progress.
  • Your own personal workbook to help you get your revenge body and revenge life.
  • Work exclusively with me for the entire 100 days (I don't pass my clients off to a team).

  • What are you waiting for?

    Although this program is an investment - the return on that investment is priceless.

    Imagine how much being overweight is costing you. How much do you spend on food, including all of those trips through the drive through? How much do you spend on buying bigger clothes or paying for doctor's visits due to obesity?

    How many moments in your life (vacations, promotions, time with friends) have you missed out on because you didn't feel comfortable in public? How much time have you spent hiding in the background, refusing to be seen?

    How much time have you spent living in shame because of your separation or divorce?

    Yes, the investment for this program is respectable. However, learning the tools to lose weight, increase your confidence, and truly believe you're beautiful is a result worth paying for.

    In fact, once you complete Revenge Body. Revenge Life.™, you'll wish you had taken action sooner.